60 second interview with: Andchuck

Each week we will be posting exclusive 60 second interviews with our 2018 Festival bands and artists. This week we are in conversation with Andchuck, to find out when Andchuck are playing mjf 2018 click here.  

Name: Gabriel Alexander, Jack March and Tom Chapman

Name of the Band: Andchuck

Where are you, the band from? The band is based in Manchester


How did you get into music?

G: I played piano from the age of 5 but discovered the drums when my mum forced me to get a drum lesson.

J: I’ve been obsessed with music and sound in general as far back as I can remember

T: I loved listening to music from a very young age and desperately wanted to be part of creating it.

 *Why did you form the band?

G: We were all looking for a band like andchuck to be a part of and so it just happened pretty naturally

J: We all wanted to be playing original instrumental music and having met at RNCM it felt very natural

T: We met at college and immediately discovered that we had very similar influences and ideals of what we want from music.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of being a musician? 

G: Playing music with other musicians

J: I really enjoy it when people completely surprise me when we’re improvising together.

T: Getting to do the thing you love the most for your career

What is the least enjoyable part of being a musician?

G: There isn’t one really… I guess job insecurity?

J: Carrying heavy gear

T: Don’t think there is one!

Who is your favourite band or artist?

G: Changes almost weekly! At the moment, Avishai Cohen Trio

J: Julian Lage and Bill Frisell are two of my favourites

T: Esbjorn Svensson Trio

What’s the best piece of musical advice you’ve ever been given?

G: Concentrate and listen!

J: Its only music!

T: Listen

What does it mean to you to play at manchester jazz festival?

G: Means a huge amount as it’s such a prestigious festival but it also feels like home!

J: It’s amazing! Having grown up in Manchester, playing at mjf has always been a big goal of mine

T: It means a great deal. I love the festival and there are some amazing artists playing in this year.

What advice would you give to the new generation of musicians that would like to follow in your steps?

G: Enjoy yourself and play as much music as you can!

J: Just be yourself and don’t be afraid to break the rules

T: Enjoy the journey of learning to play music.

What has been the most notable highlight of your career so far?

G: Getting selected for the Jazz North Introduces scheme was amazing.

J: Being selected for jazz north introduces with the band?

T: Getting to play some of the best venues around Manchester with Andchuck has been great!

Other than yourself, who are you looking forward to seeing at mjf 2018?

G: J Frisco (the other band selected for jazz north introduces!), Cross Currents Trio and Skeltr!

J: Cross Current Trio

T: Everyone! It’s a great line up this year

Would you like to add anything?

J: I’m really looking forward to playing at mjf hearing loads of great bands.

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