Artist: Amby Fawcett (band: Human Resources)
Age: 22
From: Manchester
Specialism: Guitar & vocals-driven upbeat, political punk and indie rock: music for jumping and shouting to.
MentorSarah Heneghan, drummer, composer (Power Out), Beyond Albedo
Industry support: Lucy Scott,Programme Manager, Brighter Sound

Soundcheck Challenge:

I’ve always drawn on jazz and funk in my previous punk-inspired work, because I like to create music that people want to dance to. I wanted to take this further and write a piece that has improvised vocal sections. For me, what’s interesting in music is feeling real emotion from a performer, so I felt improvisation would be a great way to convey emotion in the moment.

I wrote songs that explore how the perception of shame can hold us back from writing about our experiences, and creating a live improvised vocal was the ultimate exercise in working against these perceived barriers.

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