mjf hothouse Application Form 2022

Please note: The form below must be completed in one session. If you go back or leave the page, you will lose any information you have entered. We would advise reading through the form and ensuring you have all necessary information at hand before starting to fill it in. Fields marked with an * are mandatory.
  • You will need to upload a two minute video of you performing an original piece of music. If you have any questions, need support or further details, please contact Helen Goodman by emailing talent@manchesterjazz.com Thanks very much for taking the time to apply and we look forward to connecting with you.
  • About You

  • Foe example Vegan, Vegetarian, Allergies
  • About your music

  • If you have a website and social media accounts as an artist/band please post the links below. If you don’t yet have these, just enter N/A.

  • Your idea for a new original piece of music

  • Your idea must be about a new piece of music that you haven't performed to a live audience before. The music must contain jazz and improvisation.

  • Reference

    Please tell us of someone who knows you and your music well, including how you work and what makes you tick as an artist. Ideally this would be a collaborator or a friend - not someone from an arts organisation
  • Supporting you

  • We design each round of hothouse specifically around the needs of the artists who are successful in getting a place. The information you tell us here remains confidential. Please try and be honest and open about your barriers and challenges here. We don’t see them as a weakness, but as a chance for us to help you get closer to where you want to be.

  • These could be practical barriers e.g. needing to work bar shifts, lack of childcare or personal e.g. access needs or lack of confidence speaking in public.
  • Availability

  • Please confirm that you are available for the following dates (tick boxes for yes or no).

  • Workshop day 1: Saturday 12th November 2022 // Industry Showcase: Tuesday 14th March 2023 // Workshop day 2: Saturday 15th April 2023 //
  • Next of kin

  • Your short video

    Please upload a short video of you performing a piece of your own original music. Don’t worry about the quality of the recording– we just want to hear you!