Slow Down Motion

Matt and Phreds

Joe Brown guitar / Laurie Agnew drums / Graham Clark violin / Joel Rojas Arriaga percussion

Slow Down Motion was formed by long-time friends and collaborators Joe Brown and Laurie Agnew. This band is a unique blend of jazz, electronica and folk music and has been inspired by artists such as The Cinematic Orchestra, Thom Yorke and Penguin Cafe Orchestra. They work alongside the software Ableton to create vast soundscapes which guide each listener on a journey made up of beautiful melodies, giant bass lines and hard hitting beats.  

Joining SDM for the Manchester Jazz Festival will be jazz veteran and master violinist Graham Clark, who has worked closely with the boys of SDM for many years. Graham’s free-form approach and virtuosic playing means that each performance moves differently to the last. Alongside Graham is Venezuelan percussionist Joel Rojas Arriaga, who’s short time on the Manchester music scene has already had a huge impact. Combining traditional Venezuelan rhythms with Afro-Cuban inspired grooves, Joel adds a deep rhythmic connection to the music.  

Combining pieces from their up-coming album alongside improvisation and explorational song form, this performance for the Manchester Jazz Festival will be a special night.  

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Date: tuesday 21 may

Time: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Price: Free

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Daniel Erdmann’s Thérapie de Couple

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The Carlton Club

Daniel Erdmann tenor saxophone / Hélène Duret clarinets / Théo Ceccaldi violin / Vincent Courtois cello / Robert Lucaciu bass / Eva Klesse drums 

The UK Premiere of one of the most invigorating and powerful new bands currently coming out of the European scene – do not miss this once-only chance to see them in Manchester!

Thérapie de Couple – we are talking, of course, about the Germany-France couple, the engine of Europe, which now and then finds itself in crisis. Saxophonist and bandleader Daniel Erdmann knows both sides very well, the differences, the similarities, the possible misunderstandings, the psychology of the two countries. Daniel is the ideal counsellor.

He is particularly pleased to put together this new German-French sextet and, in selecting musicians, has opted for a combination of those he already knows very well – and the security that comes with that – and inviting completely new people who bring with them the desire and magic of uncertainty.

The results make for a spellbinding ensemble of virtuoso players on their first visit to the UK: the young French clarinettist Hélène Duret, currently touring France with her band Suzanne. Hi-energy drummer Eva Klesse and bassist Robert Lucaciu, two established greats of the German jazz scene, and the phenomenal expressive talents of French string soloists Théo Ceccaldi and Vincent Courtois.

Daniel has been travelling between Germany and France for over 20 years. German-French and European projects are at the centre of his work: Das Kapital and Velvet Revolution, but also quartets, trios and duos with Heinz Sauer, Christophe Marguet, Vincent Courtois, Aki Takase, Henri Texier and many others.

There are at least two ways to start a new band. You can rely on musicians you have worked with for a long time, who you know well and who you know will “work”. When composing, you can use their strengths, you can try to take the music even further, there is a certain security. Or you can get involved in something new: with musicians you may have heard in concerts or on recordings, but with whom you have never exchanged sounds. This second possibility brings freshness, new discoveries and a lot of uncertainty, from which magical moments can arise.

A German-French couple therapy, full of the joy of playing, with pioneering musicians from both countries. That is Daniel Erdmann’s idea for this new adventure.

This concert is also part of mjf’s collaborations with European partners to reduce the carbon footprint of international touring. All of the artists have arrived from France and Germany by train or other means of green touring. We encourage you to do the same for your (hopefully shorter) journey to The Carlton Club this evening…

Presented in association with Carlton Jazz Club and Brume


Venue Access & Accessible Seating

Please note that The Carlton Club is not easily accessible for customers with disabilities or access requirements (lift or ramp), so if you do wish to attend and feel you could safely accommodate some steps (10 in total), with assistance, please feel free to contact The Carlton Club direct to discuss and arrange. There are disabled facilities inside and anyone who needs disabled parking can use the car park outside the building. Contact info: https://www.carltonclub.org.uk/#Contact

Date: tuesday 21 may

Time: 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Price: £15.00

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