A Hologram Maze

mjf @ First Street (Main Stage)

David Austin Grey piano, keyboards, electronics / Xhosa Cole saxophone, flute / Sam Wooster trumpet, electronics / Shivraj Singh double bass / Nathan Jones drums, percussion 

Warm, reflective, open-hearted and lyrical jazz – A Hologram Maze (AHM) is led by Birmingham-based pianist/composer David Austin Grey.

The band features five of the UK’s finest improvisers, all close friends, who bring a deep sense of understanding and common purpose to each composition.  AHM’s music unfolds in equally gently weaving turns and dynamic sweeps, as the band navigates different moods and emotions; from sweet and tender, through to frenetic, assertive energy.

2024 sees the release of their debut album The Beauty Of A Co-Pilot. Features in Jazzwise Magazine, radio play on Jazz FM and sold out shows at some of the UK’s best-loved jazz venues all reflect how well AHM’s music has been received.

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Date: saturday 18 may

Time: 3:15 pm - 4:25 pm

Price: Free admission, no ticket required

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