Alligator Gumbo

Matt and Phreds

James Paylor  double bass, vocals / Greg Surmacz clarinet, saxophone / Chris Williamson  trumpet / Tim Hurst trombone, vocals / Mike Rudland-Simpson  steel guitar, vocals / Chris Lloyd  piano, vocals /Jose Williamson  drums, washboard, bells, whistles

Alligator Gumbo are a 6-piece New Orleans jazz band from Leeds, who have been playing together since 2011. Having played extensively around the country, and often packed out Matt & Phred’s, we can’t wait to see them again.

A gig with Alligator Gumbo sees jazz from the hey-day of the New Orleans swing/jazz era, when music was raw and largely improvised with melodies and solos happening simultaneously which has now become defined as the ‘New Orleans’ sound.

As well as the band’s unique and fast-tempo treatment of the classic tunes, Alligator Gumbo take this distinctive style and apply it to their arrangements of more modern and popular songs which everyone will recognise and happily head to the dance floor upon hearing.

Doors at 6pm
£7 entry, pay on the door – to reserve a table, call 0161 273 5495

Date: friday 19 may

Time: 9:30 pm - 12:00 am

Price: £7 entry, pay on door

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