Black Hudu DJ Set

Band on the Wall (bar stage)

Black Hudu is an underground collective of artists, DJs and producers made up of Mighty Funk’Houser, Anouj, Soulful Grooves, and Benaiah Matheson. The word Hudu is derived from hoodoo (with a Huddersfield twist.) Hoodoo is the name of a language and a Ewe tribe in Togo and Ghana. Hoodoo is also an African religion born from Black resilience that cultivates reverence for one’s ancestors, holistic health, and oneness with self. 

The positive intention to create unity and wellbeing is at the heart of everything Black Hudu does. This is achieved in the ritual of the Session – where potent musical frequencies take the listener on a journey to banish bad energy, free the inner self, and become one with the vibrations. These vibrations include a mixture of sounds picked from the African diaspora such as Roots & Culture, Dub, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, Underground House & Garage, Bruk, Jazz, Funk and Soul.

Black Hudu have expanded from their hometown of Huddersfield playing overseas dates in Europe, as well as creating guest mixes for Rinse FM and Selector Radio. They have blessed crowds alongside the likes of, Omar, Afronaut & Mark Force (Bugz in the Attic), Frankie Feliciano, Jeremy Sylvester, Aluku Rebels, Ben Hauke, Chino-Vv, Down Town Calling, DJ Q, Henry Wu and more. 

Ever since their first dance in 2015 there’s been no looking back. With the mighty Ras Amharic sound system, Black Hudu continue to deliver their metamorphic vibrations to every molecule of your being. Stay tuned to the champion sounds of Black Hudu as they take the nation by storm. This crew are going to be popping up and popping off all over the UK… ready yourself!

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Date: saturday 25 may

Time: 10:00 pm - 12:00 am

Price: Free admission, no ticket required

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