Ceitidh Mac

mjf @ First Street (Main Stage)

Ceitidh MacLeod voice, cello, tenor guitar / Will Hammond vibraphone, synthesiser, percussion / Francesca Knowles drums 

mjf partners with Jazz North to present a showcase of the latest northern artists to be selected for the groundbreaking touring programme Northern Line. 

With a progressive twist to her music, Ceitidh Mac is an alternative singing/cellist, tipped by Jude Rogers as a “Fascinating Welsh-born, Tyneside-dwelling singer-songwriter and cellist, with an unusual, stunning voice.” Absorbing in its originality, Ceitidh Mac creates songs that soar with contemporary arrangements and unusual instrumentation. A mesmerising live show, expect to be drawn in by bold songs and cello basslines. In Adam Walton’s (BBC Radio Wales) words: “Sublime & absolutely outstanding.” 

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Date: sunday 19 may

Time: 1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Price: Free admission, no ticket required

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