D’Accord! + Fallen Flags

Band on the Wall (bar stage)


Francesca Pidgeon (aka Dilletante) (UK) voice, guitar, keyboards, loops / Naïssam Jalal (FR) flute, voice / John Pope (UK) bass / Arnaud Dolmen (FR) drums 

Initiated by mjf and The Glasshouse ICM (Gateshead), with support from Centre National de la Musique (CNM) in Paris, D’Accord! is a new programme bringing together northern artists that have journeyed through our artist development programmes with breakthrough French artists.  It offers them an invaluable opportunity to open up their international horizons and develop partnerships with overseas artists. 

Devising sessions will take place at The Glasshouse and this exclusive musical partnership will be premiered there – and here at mjf.  

Francesca Pidgeon, DIY composer and multi-instrumentalist from Manchester, is the creative mind behind art-pop collective Dilletante and a mainstay of B.C Camplight’s band; Newcastle’s John Pope is an open-hearted improviser and bassist, best known for being one third of genre-defying Archipelago and leading his own Quartet. 

French composer, flute player and vocalist Naïssam Jalal searches for freedom in her music, authentically bridging multiple cultures in her many projects to create her own universe. Originally from Guadeloupe, now Paris-based, drummer Arnaud Dolmen brings his background of gwoka and jazz into his energetic playing and musical partnerships throughout the world. 

Fallen Flags 

Caroline Frandsen (DK) voice / Glen Montanaro (DK) guitar / Hoda Jahanpour (UK) cello / Trees.R.Good (UK) bass guitar, saxophone, electronics / Frederik Bülow (DK) drums 

Fallen Flags is a cross-city collaboration in alternative music between Manchester and Denmark.  

Immerse yourself in a musical exploration transcending borders and genres. Fallen Flags, a Brighter Sound initiative uniting five talented young musicians from Manchester, Aalborg and Aarhus (DK), evolved to build a strong bond and network between the music environments of these vibrant cities. 

The focus of the new music lies firmly within the realm of alternative music, spanning jazz, experimental and improvisation. Having devised and premiered it in Denmark last year, the ensemble gives its UK debut here. 

Caroline Frandsen is singer, performer, and songwriter from Aalborg, renowned for her dark pop compositions. Glen Montanaro is a guitarist and composer, actively working at finding new sounds in collaboration, including Xhud (ʃuːt), a project combining emotional and rhythmical music with live visuals, and The Ebbin’ & Flow, a collaboration with Jess Rymer exploring Maltese and Yorkshire folklore and narratives through two distinct musical approaches. 

Hoda Jahanpour is an Iranian-Slovak cellist, songwriter, and composer known for bridging classical and popular music. Trees.R.Good is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer, advocating for climate change awareness through music. Frederik Bülow is an award-winning drummer and composer, whose jazztronica band Abekejser pushes the boundaries of jazz and electronic music. 

Fallen Flags is part of the Aalborg-Aarhus-Manchester city collaboration and supported by Aalborg Kommune, Brighter Sound Manchester and The Danish Ministry of Culture 

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Date: thursday 23 may

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:40 pm

Price: Free admission, no ticket required

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