Emily Mercer

Band on the Wall (bar stage)


Emily Mercer vocals, piano / Tom Welsh electric guitar  

Emily Mercer is a Manchester-based singer-songwriter creating rich, piano-driven arrangements. Her music is a genre-bending fusion of her jazz, pop, folk and R&B influences, full of striking harmony, soaring melody and punchy grooves. Mercer’s songs have a flair for the dramatic and an ongoing theme of truth: millennial angst, self-sabotage, confronting personal agendas – each song acts as a call for an end to our self-limiting beliefs. 

As co-runner of Manchester Women Songwriters, a community of female identifying musicians, Emily is motivated by connection and collaboration, demonstrated by the host of Manchester talent involved in her solo project.  

Her jazzy, quirk-pop creations are full of surprising twists and turns, as packed with charming idiosyncrasies as they are big, hummable tunes.” – Manchester Evening News 

Free admission, no ticket required 


Date: saturday 27 may

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Price: Free

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