Gypsies of Bohemia

Matt and Phreds

Martin Connor voice / Jim Wallace guitar / Andrzej Baranek piano / Danny Hibbert bass / Andy Hibbert drums

As the UK’s leading original covers band, Gypsies of Bohemia pride themselves on having written at least half of their complete catalogue of original cover versions. Something of a paradox?

Well, that sums these guys up. These five musically literate, well-groomed individuals can bring a party like no other to the bandstand and turn the most sophisticated of settings into an all-out guitar-style rave, with their inventive and superbly crafted renditions of popular contemporary songs from the modern era. Whoever said you can’t polish a turd was wrong. Fronted by the phenomenal vocalist Martin Connor, expect all your all-time guilty pleasure bangers given the gypsy treatment… If you’ve not come across these guys before, you’re going to want to see this. If you have, you know they’re worth seeing again… 

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Date: friday 17 may

Time: 9:30 pm - 12:30 am

Price: £7.00

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