Los Chichanos

Matt and Phreds

Sandino Borges Leitao  guitar, vocals / Georgia Ollier keyboard, vocals / Conal McIntosh  bass, vocals /  Jordan Ferguson  congas, vocals / Jose Luis Rivera Martinez  timbales, vocals

The band behind Edinburgh’s late night fiestas, Los Chichanos formed to heat up their audiences with pumping live Latin music. Mixing a rich percussion section, powerful vocals, vintage guitar solos and mesmerising Peruvian melodies from the Amazon and the Andes, Los Chichanos perform “chicha” or Jungle Cumbia. The style of music has experienced a worldwide boom in recent years, and it’s clear why – tropical vibes, jungle sounds, experimental guitar-driven songs, ’60s organ leads and all the raucous rhythms of live cumbia and salsa! This music was written to make bodies move and minds travel.

With members from Brazil, El Salvador, Chile, Australia and the UK, the international combo formed in Scotland in 2021. Their shows regularly reach capacity, proving popular amongst lovers of tropical parties, Latin music and late night dance hangouts. Using traditional cumbia rhythms and full-powered percussion on congas and timbales, the group mixes experimental electric guitar and iconic nostalgic organ sounds, exploring ‘60s psychedelic and surf influences… The result? A hugely danceable setlist that transforms any night out into an infectious tropical fiesta. Let Los Chichanos lead you on their jungle expedition across the Latino dance floor and deep into the misty South American rainforest. Dress jungle for bonus points.

Wild syncopated Latin rhythms, vintage surf-inspired guitar, organ and psychedelic Latin vibes – Los Chichanos present a pumping fiesta of Jungle Cumbia (also known as “chicha”). Join this infectious tropical excursion.

Doors at 5pm
£7 entry, pay on the door – to reserve a table, call 0161 273 5495

Date: saturday 20 may

Time: 9:30 pm - 12:30 am

Price: £7, pay on the door

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