Me Gusta presents Habibi Funk

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Band on the Wall (main venue)

After a sell-out show at YES and an incredible Boiler room set at Warehouse Project’s Repercussion, we are super happy to present Habibi Funk at Band on the Wall as part of manchester jazz festival (mjf2023).

Come along with your loved ones and embark on a musical journey, guiding you through a multitude of genres such Arabic zouk (a genre originating from the Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe) like Mallek Mohamed’s music, Algerian coladera (a popular musical style from the Cape Verdean islands) or Lebanese AOR.

Habibi Funk is dedicated to re-releasing a style of music that historically never existed as a musical genre. “We use the term to describe a certain sound that we like from the countries of the Arab world“. The songs chosen were created in places quite far from another and under very different circumstances. Some were written and recorded during war times, others in exile. Despite the differences, there is a musical connection between them. Essentially, they are interested in the musical endeavors, in which artists from the Arab world mixed local and regional influences with musical interests that came from outside of the region.

Date: friday 26 may

Time: 11:00 pm - 1:00 am

Price: £10 (first release tickets) / £15 (second release tickets)

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