mjf @ First Street: Moore & Fairhall

mjf @ First Street (HOME Stage)

First Street, HOME Stage

1.45pm – 2.30pm & 3.15pm – 4pm / Moore & Fairhall

Tickets: FREE entry to all events

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Moore & Fairhall

Olivia Moore violin / Adam Fairhall accordion

Moore & Fairhall bring together Indian ragas, American folk, and jazz from all eras, resulting in music that is lyrical, passionate and highly rhythmic. Adam and Olivia met when they were selected for Edition VI of Serious’ prestigious ‘Take Five’ Artist Development Scheme, and this duo is the result of their shared interest in a jazz approach to folk and world traditions. Since late 2020, Olivia has returned to her Indian Music Studies with her guru Kala Ramnath both in India and over Zoom and in this duo, she finds a way to express this side of her playing. Over the past several years Adam has been working intensely on his accordion playing to get closer to the folk and roots music which has always informed his approach. The result is an accordion style that incorporates ostinato bass lines, innovative rhythmic bellow techniques and free-flowing melodic improvisation. Although they are a new duo, they have performed already to a packed and appreciative audience at Manchester’s Matt & Phred’s Jazz Club and at the Cloudwater Brewery in Piccadilly. It is their aim for the audience to feel energised, invigorated and inspired from their performance. 

Date: sunday 21 may

Time: 1:45 pm - 4:00 pm

Price: Free

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