Slow Down Motion

Matt and Phreds

Joe Brown guitar / Laurie Agnew drums / Graham Clark violin / Joel Rojas Arriaga percussion

Slow Down Motion was formed by long-time friends and collaborators Joe Brown and Laurie Agnew. This band is a unique blend of jazz, electronica and folk music and has been inspired by artists such as The Cinematic Orchestra, Thom Yorke and Penguin Cafe Orchestra. They work alongside the software Ableton to create vast soundscapes which guide each listener on a journey made up of beautiful melodies, giant bass lines and hard hitting beats.  

Joining SDM for the Manchester Jazz Festival will be jazz veteran and master violinist Graham Clark, who has worked closely with the boys of SDM for many years. Graham’s free-form approach and virtuosic playing means that each performance moves differently to the last. Alongside Graham is Venezuelan percussionist Joel Rojas Arriaga, who’s short time on the Manchester music scene has already had a huge impact. Combining traditional Venezuelan rhythms with Afro-Cuban inspired grooves, Joel adds a deep rhythmic connection to the music.  

Combining pieces from their up-coming album alongside improvisation and explorational song form, this performance for the Manchester Jazz Festival will be a special night.  

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Date: tuesday 21 may

Time: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Price: Free

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