Please submit the following information by midnight on Monday 5 August 2019 to be in with a chance of playing at mjf 2020.

  • (if this is only a working title, please write (working title) after the name)
  • (mobile preferred)
  • Please notify us of any change of address before the festival
  • (please tick all that apply)
  • Please indicate from which areas your band members are travelling. (This is to help us with our budgeting for artists' travel and accommodation.)
  • Band Personnel

  • Band Leader (if this person is also the main contact, please re-enter their name here).
  • Please list any other band members and which instruments they play e.g. "Joe Bloggs: Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums"
  • Are any line-up details likely to change before the festival? If yes, please specify.
  • If your band features a pianist, how essential is it that a grand piano is used? (Unfortunately not all venues are equipped with a grand piano.)
  • Other Information

  • Please indicate any dates or times of day between 15th - 25th May 2020 that the band is not available.
  • Seeing you live may help us in our programming. We would also like to know of any potential competing gigs in time surrounding the festival.
  • Please give your personal description of your music: what’s motivated you, how you’d like your listeners to feel and what characterises your sound. This could include quotes from reviews. We use your description to guide us when writing your gig copy.

    Please don’t
    - use clichés jargon or flowery language
    - repeat information you have already provided, such as the line-up
    - submit long lists of people with whom you’ve previously performed
    - merely provide a link to another page where we can read about it – we want your tailored description.
  • Your Music

    Provide either a link to where we can freely hear your music online OR non-expiring links to file sharing location (e.g. DropBox).

    - ensure that the tracks show the variety of your work and credit the composer
    - keep the total to no more than 20mins
    - don’t fade tracks in/out – we want to hear the music and the band in their entirety
    - don’t send demo-reels with several short samples mixed together to one track

    If the project is new and not yet recorded, provide either a recent recording of your work or a detailed description in the relevant section above. It is up to you to make the best possible case for your music – especially if we only have a description to go on.
  • (Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Dropbox)
  • (Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Dropbox)
  • (Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Dropbox)
  • (Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Dropbox)
  • Image and video content

    Please supply a selection of high-resolution professional image(s), if you have any (300dpi, colour, band shots preferred) and links to any video content you may have
  • Create a folder with band name as file title on a non-expiring link such as Dropbox/other file sharing system that contains three images and provide the link to this file.
  • Provide a non-expiring link to a video of you/your band playing on a video sharing platform such as YouTube/Vimeo.
  • Please state the full url, including http://www.
  • Submission

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