mjf hothouse is a free scheme for artists looking to develop ideas, hone their craft and move their careers onto the next step.

We offer eight weeks of industry mentoring, paid rehearsal time, bespoke workshops and a final performance workshop where participants gain industry feedback on the work they present, whatever stage it’s at.

Hothouse is a key strand of mjf’s talent development programme and helps us to support those taking risks with their music.

We want to hear about new music that isn’t being made by anyone else, celebrates a particular idea, place or event, celebrates communities that aren’t represented in mainstream programmes and explores new ways of incorporating improvisation into other music genres.

There are only four rules:

  1. It must be something new that you haven’t performed to a live audience before
  2. It must contain jazz – whatever that means to you – and improvisation
  3. You must be based in the north of England
  4. You must be aged 18+

We’ll be launching a new round of mjf hothouse soon. To be the first to know about the next round, sign up here.