Thanda (for short) is a Zulu name that means “Love one another”. He is an Integrated Artist from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and is based in the U.K.

Thanda is a vocalist who specialises in an eclectic blend of singing styles heavily influenced by his dual Zulu/Xhosa heritage with Western music. Notable projects and/or performances include the first ever Nelson Mandela Day sanctioned by the U.N. in London (2010); Royal Enclosure for 44 members of the British Royal family in Buckingham Palace (2015); Opera North’s first ever BAME Resonance (2018); awarded Jazz North Rota with Ubunye (2018); awarded MJF Hothouse (2019); awarded MJF Level Up (2020-2021), currently the Lead Artist for Opera North’s Songwriting Project (2021) with appearances on Sky 1, SABC 1 and the BBC radio and television to name a few.