Artist: Laetitia Alexandratos (aka Trees.R.Good
Age: 21
From: Manchester
Specialism: multi-instrumentalist (bass, keys, sax, production); solo work blending jazztronica, electro R&B and Greek/European Folk.
Mentor: Faye MacCalman, saxophonist, bandleader (Archipelago) and educator
Industry support: Graham Mckenzie, Artistic Director, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (hcmf)

Soundcheck challenge:  

‘Plenitude’ explored how I can improvise using music technology and a variety of instruments. Thematically, the word refers to this sonic abundance and the sense of completeness you feel after a rainy day in the woods…the fresh smell of concrete in your courtyard…the raindrops from the leaves at a tree’s root emerging at the surface.

I try to visualise and express our relationship with nature and the environment, and I wanted to explore new ways to incorporate visual concepts into my playing, but also improvise in production, creating different instrument effect patches and outboards and stacking them live to see where it leads.

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