We’re proud to introduce the second round of mjf soundcheck artists!

We are working will 11 Manchester-based artists aged between 18-25  years old on the second round of mjf soundcheck. Alongside artist mentors and industry guests, these artists are working on an idea for a new piece of music over 8 weeks, with a focus on taking risks, improvisation and musical identity.

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I’m a 24 year old singer and guitarist living in Old Trafford. My mjf soundcheck mentor is Thanda Gumede. I'm a self-taught bedroom singer and haven't done anything like this before, so I'm being super brave and hope you can see a little bit of yourself in me! My idea for mjf soundcheck is to invite vulnerability and healing through music, affirmations and poetry.
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Bradley Gore
Hey, I’m Bradley and I’m a sax player from Tameside. I’m currently 19 and study popular music at Salford University. I joined mjf soundcheck to build on fusing my cross-genre compositional abilities and to express my ideas within a new project that isn’t just about playing written music. My idea is to combine electronic music with improvised saxophone to create a new piece, and my mentor is Liam DeTar.
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Deane Smith
Hello, My name is Deane - I sometimes make music as a Lamp - and other times as a human - I am 25 years on earth and in Trafford. I entered soundcheck with the idea of creating an interactive environment. Inviting Musicians and also people who wouldn’t consider themselves musicians to be a part of that environment. I am excited to explore the mixing of music, silliness, therapy, art, movement, honesty, and space alongside my mentor Faye MacCalman.
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Eleanor Colee
I’m Eleanor Colee; a 22 year old saxophonist, clarinettist and composer. Originally from Bury but now living in Salford, I take influence from Manchester jazz artists such as Matthew Halsall and Mammal Hands. I love working with different textures and instruments to create an ambient style of music, with influence from my classical background. I plan to write an EP's worth of music to be performed live and hopefully released, and my mentor is Faye MacCalman.
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Eva Black
I’m Eva and I am a third year music undergraduate at the University of Manchester. I am 20 years old and my focus is in composition and musicology. I write music for theatre as well as perform my own works. As a singer-songwriter I've played venues ranging from charity concerts to cabaret and enjoy playing and experimenting with genre. This is key to my idea for mjf soundcheck which involves incorporating elements of classical Romantic piano - in this case a Chopin Nocturne - and jazz! My mjf soundcheck mentor is Sarah Heneghan
Lili Holland-Fricke
I’m Lili, I’m based in Hulme and turned 21 last summer. For many years I’ve studied classical cello, but recently I’ve been more and more drawn to making new music that lies somewhere between the ethereal and the dissonant. My idea is to record a song in layers of improvisation with the other musicians on the programme, with the guidance of my mentor Lara Jones. I’ll then collect and patchwork together all the recordings into a textured whole.
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My name is Olamide, artist name Lamiiday and I am 23 year old singer living in the North of Manchester. I applied to soundcheck to gain more experience in the music field. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and build on my experience and knowledge about music, and how to create and develop my own sound. With my mentor Francine Luce, I want to work on a piece that describes me as an artist and provides an introduction to my own sound. I want to find ways to be more creative without restricting myself.
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Oliver Lees-Jones
I am Oliver Lees-Jones, I live in the centre of Manchester, and I'm 18 years old. My idea for mjf soundcheck is to switch the roles of the rhythm section and brass/woodwind section in a brass band and is inspired by 1940s-style swing music. The track reflects the current drive towards equality for all and stamping out prejudice; the rhythm section represents the marginalised sections of society, be it religion, race, gender or disability. My mentor is Sarah Heneghan
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Oscar Williams
I am a 18 year old jazz drummer, pianist and composer from Greater Manchester, currently in sixth form studying Art, Philosophy and Music. My idea for soundcheck is to create a solo jazz fusion piece. It will be inspired by an environment or state of mind, for example a bustling day in Manchester city centre or the calmness of the rooftops. I like to use technology in my work; sampling different voices and using location recordings, to help me tell a story through my music.
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Rosie Ogunade
I’m Rosie, I’m 22 and live in Tameside. I’m a bass guitarist and play in a wide variety of styles and bands but haven’t ever led my own. With my mentor Lara Jones, I’m hoping to create a piece of music from a collaborative improvised session, combining electronic music production, live instruments with influences from multiple genres. I would like to practice and develop my improvising ability, building my confidence both as a solo musician as well as within a collaborative setting.
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I’m T – a 25 year old vocalist, composer and producer living in Hulme, Central Manchester. The main genre I work in is RnB, but I also make pop and afro-beats occasionally. I haven’t really worked with improvisation before but on mjf soundcheck I want to expand on my existing focus on Music Production, songwriting, and vocals. My mentor for mjf soundcheck is Thanda Gumede.
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