NORTHERN our first performance project of 2019

We are pleased to announce the first performance project of mjf 2019

NORTHERN is a new jazz project developed by Maja Bugge in collaboration with field recordist Hervé Perez and video artist Adam York Gregory.

During 2018 -19 the artists will undertake residencies in Lancaster, Barrow and Manchester exploring the sonic and visual identity of these places through field recording, video recording, composition and workshops with local schools and residents.

The final performance will be an improvised concert for cello, electronics and visuals reflecting how we see, hear and relate to our surroundings.

This co-production will develop across performances on behalf of Lancaster Arts, Full of Noises in Barrow and Manchester Jazz Festival.

Maja said: “I am very excited about this unique opportunity. The bursary from The Nuffield allows me to fully explore the interdisciplinary nature of my work as a musician and composer and gives me a great opportunity to invite audience groups of different background into the process of devising a new piece of work.”

Unique in its form, NORTHERN applies jazz improvisation techniques to film making and sound sampling. Maja’s piece will resonate with those who feel northern through and through, to nature lovers and to those prone to feelings of wanderlust.

Lancaster Arts producer Leo Burtin said: “Maja is a fantastic artist who is at once deeply rooted in her local community in Lancaster and a migrant whose work happens internationally. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, and as we consider place and identity across all of our projects, I could not think of a better idea than to explore being northern through the universal language of music.”

NORTHERN was performed at Full of Noises in August 2018, and will be performed at Manchester Jazz Festival and Lancaster Arts in 2019.

For more information on Maja head to www.majabugge.com