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Escape to Freight Island - The Ticket Hall

Ain’t Misbehaving’s interactive concerts are designed to introduce young children to jazz and improvisation in a fun way yet without dumbing down the musical content, so that the whole family can engage with their performance and enjoy it on several levels. Ain’t Misbehavin’ first collaborated with Professor Jiggert from ‘Yan Tan Tethera’ in 2017 and the resulting show HMS Syncopation premiered at mjf.  

HMS Syncopation encourages its audience to respond creatively through song, dance and Dalcroze techniques. As HMS Syncopation travels around the world it encounters different styles of jazz music (Tango, Calypso, Funk, Latin) collecting pieces of fruit to create a vibrant fruit salad Samba of world rhythms.  

Alongside HMS Syncopation, Ain’t Misbehaving’ returned to mjf in 2021 to premiere their show There Once Was a Bird. This show is more reflective and explores the concept of diversity through animal characters who feel rejected and isolated for being different but by the end of the story have found acceptance, resilience and friendship. 


Oliver Bishop storyteller / Helen Pillinger tenor saxophone / Helena Summerfield alto saxophone, clarinet & flute / Simone Manunza guitar / John Sandham double bass / Neil McMinn drums 

Whilst you are free to roam around the venue this year, booking a ticket will secure you a seat on The Ticket Hall Platform for this gig. If you wish to book seats for other gigs in the venue, please complete a separate booking. 

Date: sunday 22 may

Time: 12.00 - 13.45 |

Price: Free ticket (plus booking fee)

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