Nani Noam Vazana with Abel Selaocoe: Both Sides of Africa

St Ann’s Church

We are thrilled to present both the UK debut of this remarkable vocalist and composer and the premiere of a new collaborative work created especially for mjf 2019.

In what will surely be a festival highlight, Nani brings her own international trio with special guest, South African-born Manchester-based cellist and musical storyteller Abel. Both are compellingly individual artists who have taken their music to audiences throughout the world.

Nani’s music has distant leanings to Flamenco, North African music and Sephardic traditional song, with timeless melodies and fluid improvisation. More importantly, she is the only known artist to revitalise the ancient Ladino language of her grandmother’s Morocco.

Her voice alone is mesmerising and imbued with the emotional journey of the migrant people who first took their culture across the globe, following the Jewish expulsion from Spain in the 15th century.

Abel brings his infectious, lyrical playing, his passion for musical storytelling and his interest in folk music from across the African subcontinent.

Together, they have created new work that explores both the north and the south of the African diaspora, melding it into an unprecedented musical celebration.

Part of our Celebrating Europe series, and a Going Dutch collaboration presented with support from Arts Council England, Dutch Performing Arts and the Jazz Promotion Network.


Nani Noam Vazana vocals, piano, trombone / Abel Selaocoe cello / Jorge Bravo guitar, charango / Ayoze de Alejandro cajon, darbuka, udu


Date: monday 27 may 2019

Time: 16.30 - 17.45 |

Price: £8 advance, £10 door, £5 for U25s

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