Revisiting Winifred Atwell + Gods of Apollo

Royal Exchange Studio

Double Bill

Winifred Atwell, a Caribbean immigrant to Britain, became hugely successful in the 1950s with a piano style that continued music hall traditions while invigorating them with aspects of ragtime and boogie woogie.

Although some of her records sold millions, her music stood outside of the typical definitions of jazz and came just before rock and roll overshadowed other forms of popular music. Consequently, she is a largely neglected historical figure today.

This project aims to illuminate the lost link with Atwell by re-visiting, re-imagining and engaging in a creative dialogue with her repertoire, playing style and original compositions.

The format of piano and drums is chosen because it preserves the essentially soloistic nature of Atwell’s playing and reinforces the driving, rhythmic qualities that helped to make her music such a welcome tonic in the early post war years.


Gods of Apollo is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Combining a love of jazz and space exploration in one art form, this original composition combines freely improved music and NASA audio archives.

Chronicling the space race from Sputnik in 1957, the 1969 moon landing through to Apollo 12 in 1972, the astronauts and ground controllers talking throughout the piece provides a film score style narrative for the audience.

This composition will thrill those with a love of space as well as those discovering this amazing part of human history for the first time.

Revisiting Winifred Atwell

Adam Fairhall piano / Johnny Hunter drums

Gods of Apollo 

Rob Cope soprano saxophone / Alex Munk guitar / Elliot Galvin piano / Jon Ormston drums

Date: friday 24 may 2019

Time: 16.30 - 17.15 | 17.30 - 18.20 |

Price: £8 advance, £10 door

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