Ruby Tingle: Fountainia

Barbirolli Square

On May 27 and 28, audio visual artist and performer Ruby Tingle will present Fountainia, her new music inspired by Manchester’s unique relationship with water, particularly its public water features. 

The free, evening performances will take place in Barbirolli Square next to the Bridgewater Hall and feature jazz and electronic artists in new songs that fuse live and pre-recorded vocals and instrumentals.   

Ruby Tingle is an award-winning artist working in Manchester, whose practice extends across contemporary collage, performance and progressive electronica to create work that aims to document the extraordinary as authentic.  

Her music mixes elements of natural sound, high range celestial vocals and inventive electronic instrumentation to produce original and dreamy, experimental ‘music from the swamp’.  

In support of the commission, Ruby has also created a body of new visual works which will be shown at Rogue Artist Studios in Openshaw from May 14 in an exhibition Drawing in Breathing out, part of the British Art Show satellite programme across Manchester this summer 

Ruby Tingle  vocals / KINRAR vocals, guitar / Jonoa saxophone

The performances will take place in front of the fountain at the bottom of the steps from Barbirolli Square, next to the Bridgewater Hall.

Date: friday 27 may

Time: 20.30 | 21.30 |

Price: Free

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