Artist: Robin Forkin
Age: 23
From: Bury
Specialism: piano; electro-acoustic composition
Mentor: Lara Jones, saxophonist and sound artist
Industry support: Graham Mckenzie, Artistic Director, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (hcmf)

Soundcheck challenge:  

I worked on an electro-acoustic piece ‘Noise Bath’: a sonic blanket that can emotionally resonate with the listener, and be deeply calming and meditative. In this ‘Noise Bath’, the listener is absorbed by waves of sound, in a hypnotic swirl of post-minimalist states, as two different blankets of sound will react and communicate with each other.

I wanted to amalgamate natural and unnatural sounds into a three-dimensional soundscape of textures, involving improvisation with electronics and instruments.

The improvisational aspect of this piece was crucial, as this is how the methods of sound creation interacted and shared common ground, in its attempt to remove the fine line between noises perceived as either natural or unnatural.