Meet the latest members of our Youth Advisory Board

Fergal Myers Hill
Fergal is a Sound Engineer and Music Producer originally from Hebden Bridge. Passionate about sound technology and climbing, he take's influences of jazz into hip hop tracks and electronic composition.
AJ Kalombo
AJ is a university student with a genuine love for music. Jazz, in particular, holds a special place in her heart. As an aspiring singer/songwriter, she finds immense joy in expressing herself through music. And that's why she can't wait to be a part of the Youth Advisory Board. Her ultimate goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive space where young individuals can explore, discover, and wholeheartedly embrace the mesmerising beauty of jazz.
Ariale Luviluka
Ariale is a musician from salford and a previous participant of our soundcheck talent development programme. She is hoping, that through YAB, she can help people on there musical journeys in the same way that she feels mjf has helped her.
Rory A Green
waiting on bio/ headshot
Kitty Davies
Bio coming thursday!