A little about our Youth Advisory Board…

Manchester jazz festival’s newly appointed Youth Advisory Board (YAB) was formed in January 2023. Aiyisha Williams, mjf’s Audience Invitations Specialist, and the comms team announced a callout on social media and engaged with many youth-led organisations across Greater Manchester to appoint the board.  

The callout expressed that any young people wanting to be involved do not need experience, practice or even an interest in music, acknowledging the wide range of skills needed in running an organisation and a festival. Aiyisha then had informal chats with those wanting to be involved about what they would like to get from the experience, what barriers they face and the skills they can bring. A total of 9 young people came forward and all were brought onto the Youth Advisory Board. At the 2023 Manchester jazz festival two additions were made. Both these young people were volunteers.  

The YAB aims to recognise the challenges and barriers that young people may face in accessing opportunities, networking and youth-led spaces by working to engage young people across Greater Manchester into youth-led events, workshops, masterclasses and creating opportunity for progression, employment and social engagement.  

Our YAB’s Activity:

If you would like to get involved or find out more about our YAB please email aiyisha@manchesterjazz.com.