60 second interview with: Sound of Thieves

Each week we will be posting exclusive 60 second interviews with our 2018 Festival bands and artists. This week we are in conversation with Sound of Thieves, to find out when Sound of Thieves are playing mjf 2018 click here.

Name: Jan Bures

Name of the Band (if you’re in a band): Sound Of Thieves

Where are you/the band from? Manchester


How did you get into music?

I’ve been around music ever since I can remember! My mum is a classical musician, so I’ve been listening to her play before I could even speak. I then went to a music school in Poland, where I studied cello, as well as music theory. The rest just went from there!

*Why did you form the band?

I believe music is most fun when shared with others. Phoebe and I just clicked musically, and nearly four years on it is only getting more and more fun.

What are the most enjoyable aspects of being a musician? 

Every performance is a special moment! There is nothing quite like being on stage, and connecting with other people through music. It really feels that at those moments time stands still, yet after it is over it seems like it was all a flash.

What is the least enjoyable part of being a musician?

Performing music comes with some very intense emotional highs, and sometimes it is tough to then adjust to just normal days.  Sometimes A LOT can happen in a few days, followed by a week or two of, well, not much. It is easy then to forget about everything you’ve done, and start worrying about not doing enough.

Who is your favourite band or artist?

Two artists that have been very inspirational to us in the recent years have been Kimbra, a singer from New Zealnd, and DubFX, an artist from Australia. Kimbra has a very specific tone and style, which we find really unique, and she is not afraid to challenge herself as well as her audience with the music that she performs. DubFX is an artist who started his career as a street-performer, and went on to travel the world for years, growing a huge devoted fanbase. Both are very inspiring individuals!

What’s the best piece of musical advice you’ve ever been given?

I’ve received a lot of really important advice over the years, and it is difficult to simply pick one piece. However, all of the advice when put together and filtered through, boils down to “Be yourself, because no one else can do what you can do!”

What does it mean to you to play at manchester jazz festival?

I personally find it a huge honour to be invited to perform at such an iconic festival. Just looking at this year’s artist roster is jaw-dropping, and to see our name amongst others is really exciting!

What advice would you give to the new generation of musicians that would like to follow in your steps?

Work hard, believe in yourself, and be kind! Focus on yourself, what can go wrong, really…:) Take lots and lots of little steps to get where you want to go, instead of waiting for that one huge jump!

What has been the most notable highlight of your career so far?

Performing last year at the opening of the Manchester International Festival in Picadilly Gardens was truly an incredible experience. After going home that evening, we’ve watched the event back on BBC, and were really overwhelmed by having been a part of it all!

Other than yourself, who are you looking forward to seeing at mjf 2018?

I love brass bands, so I am definitely looking forward to the Broken Brass Ensemble and the Llareggub Brass Band!

Would you like to add anything?

Come see us at the Festival Square on the 21st of July!

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