Submissions for our Youth Advisory Board have now closed however if you would like to get involved or find out more about our YAB please email aiyisha@manchesterjazz.com.

Are you 18-25? Are you living in / around Greater Manchester?

We are busy recruiting for our youth advisory board (this will be renamed…by you!) for mjf2023. We have a whole host of ideas on how you can be a part of the workings and running of mjf. So have your say and sign up below!

What is a board?

A board is several people with a range of skills who support, advise and hold organisations accountable- basically making sure everyone is doing their job and responding to their audience or communities.

What could our Youth advisory board look like?

This is to be developed by those involved. The board itself will be made up of 6-10 young people ages 18-25.

What do we want from you?  

You will not be expected to commit a huge amount of time throughout the year…

However, we are keen to develop talent and skills for local young people. This could be a showcase, a skill sharing workshop or the development of membership options for young people in Manchester.

The world really is our oyster.

What will you get out of it?

This is a unique opportunity to develop skills and contribute to not only Manchester Jazz festival but be part of the iconic Manchester music scene!

Our team have skills in artistic programming, management, marketing, audience development, finance, tech, artist liaison, stage and venue management etc. All wonderful opportunities for you to learn some new skills and volunteer for Manchester Jazz Festival.

What happens next?

For any queries please email aiyisha@manchesterjazz.com