Ella Ronen is a musician, storyteller, mother, and feminist. With her unique blend of poignancy, vulnerability, and strength she invites her audience to explore the depths of their own emotions and to connect with their sense of humanity and belonging. Her music is a mix of poetry and storytelling, and each of her live performances is a ceremony of sorts. Ella conveys heartbreakingly concise insights about the human experience with honest, poetic, and magical lyrics. Enveloping and driving all of this, is her deep, powerful, unforgettable voice.

Her songs are playlisted on several major radio stations (Swiss RTS1, Option Musique, Radio Swiss Pop), and she regularly tours internationally. She has released albums in both English (Mirror Maze, 2014 and Motherland, 2021) and Hebrew (Toska, 2018), and now lives and raises her two children in Zürich, Switzerland. Ella is currently working on her fourth album, produced by Sam Cohen (Kevin Morby, Alexandra Savior, Sharon Van Etten). The album was recorded in January 2022 at Cohen’s studio in Upstate NY. 

In her art as well as her activism, as the co-founder of Zurich’s MINO collective of feminist musicians, Ella stands for equal rights, access and visibility for womxn, mothers, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and other overlooked groups, in and beyond the music industry. 

As part of her participation in Constellations, Ella has been nominated by Synothesizer Festival to visit Manchester for a residency with mjf’s hothouse artist development programme:

“I am tremendously excited to explore my artistic horizons with the hothouse programme. With the support and guidance of the hothouse team, I plan to take the budding, ceremonial, communal nature of my solo performance to a new level, and to offer concertgoers more than a passively entertaining evening. Instead, I’d like to offer them a moment to look inside, to sing words of love and forgiveness to ourselves together, and to feel that cosmic love which already binds us at all times: even now, as we look at our phones and forget its existence.

Listen to Ella HERE!