International Jazz Day 2021

As the music world welcomes signs of recovery with cautious optimism, we’re looking forward to welcoming gig-goers safely back to live music with our weekender at Freight Island.

Over the past year, as music practitioners have had their careers turned upside down, we’ve been supporting northern jazz artists to turn uncertainty and anguish into creativity and focus, offering paid opportunities and one-to-one support where it’s needed the most.

You’ll have the chance to see some of their work throughout the summer, be it ground-breaking mjf originals collaborations, under 25s mjf soundcheck artists from Greater Manchester making their public performance debut, or our mjf hothouse artists celebrating new releases, commissions and national awards.

We think their stories are inspiring, moving and reflected in our lives – and they embody the spirit of improvisation that is such a fundamental part of the music we all love, and love sharing with listeners.

And so, on international jazz day, we’re considering what it will mean to be international, yet sustainable, what it will mean to be strong partners, yet retain our own distinctive vision, and how best to celebrate heritage and reflect our communities.

Join us at Freight Island this June to feel live music again, and be part of that continuing journey.

Steve Mead

Artistic Director, mjf