mjf fantasy festival podcast

We’re excited to announce the launch of the mjf fantasy festival podcast!

Hosted by mjf’s Artistic Director Steve Mead and Festival Assistant Ash Doherty, the fantasy festival podcast invites jazz musicians, creators, supporters and fans to programme their fantasy festival.

We’ll unpick what it is that makes a festival so magical; from the setting, to the food and drink, weather, company, fashion – whilst delving deeper into their musical tastes.

The series of six episodes launches Tuesday 25th January at 6pm and features the co-founder and Director of Operations at Black Lives in Music, Roger Wilson.

Future episodes will feature guests including Tess Hirst, Sir Richard Leese, Yemi Bolatiwa and Robert Abel.

This podcast was co-created and produced by James Howe.

Listen now on Spotify – and don’t forget to like and subscribe!