T&Cs and useful information

  1. We don’t refund memberships in part or in full or allow them to be transferred to a different person, this includes renewed memberships.
  2. You will not receive a physical membership card when you join mjf friends.
  3. You can cancel your automatic renewal by emailing festival@manchesterjazz.com before the membership expiry date. We won’t retrospectively refund the membership fee once it has automatically renewed.
  4. Discounted tickets are limited to one per mjf friend, on select events and subject to availability and only applicable to advance tickets bought direct through mjf (via Eventbrite) and not available on the door.
  5. Some events at mjf won’t have priority booking, a membership discount and the number of tickets available to members during priority booking will be capped to ensure tickets are available for general sale.
  6. We have the right to amend or withdraw any benefits or discounted tickets at any time.
  7. For access to the happy hour discounts Monday-Thursday at Matt & Phred’s throughout the year, a list of current mjf friends (name only) will be shared on a regular basis with Matt & Phred’s to facilitate access to this benefit. Should you wish for your name not to be shared with Matt & Phred’s for this purpose please email festival@manchesterjazz.com to request removal of your name from this list.
  8. Membership is not currently eligible for Gift Aid, however there are other ways to support mjf which you find out about here
  9. mjf processes personal data in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. For full details please see our privacy policy.