Are you an artist who has either tried, or would like to try, working with improvisation in your music? Soundcheck will help define what jazz means to you.

There are 10 places up for grabs and we want to make sure everyone across the whole of Greater Manchester has a chance to apply. 

We invite you to apply by filling out this short form (we’ve timed it, and think it takes about 15 minutes to complete). You will also need to upload a 3 minute video of you performing an original piece of music. Please be aware that you cannot save and return to this form or download a copy of your answers afterwards.

If you’d prefer to apply by video instead, answering the questions by speaking to a camera, that’s fine. Just film yourself answering the same questions in this form, upload the video to WeTransfer and send it to talent@manchesterjazz.com

If you have any questions, if you need support, further details or need the application form in a different format, please contact Helen Goodman 

Thank you very much for taking the time to apply, and we look forward to connecting with you.

Applications will remain open until 4th August, midnight. 

mjf soundcheck 2024

  • Please note: The form below must be completed in one session. If you go back or leave the page, you will lose any information you have entered. We would advise reading through the form and ensuring you have all necessary information at hand before starting to fill it in. Fields marked with an * are mandatory.
  • About you

  • For example: Vegan, Vegetarian, Allergies
  • soundcheck is a programme for individual artists, not bands. However, we support you to work with your band as part of the programme. If you'd like to work with your band as part of your participation in soundcheck (either your current band or a new one), please tell us: (a) how many people in total - including yourself - are included; (b) the names, instruments/roles and locations of each bandmember. We can only support up to a maximum of 6 people in total in each band, and the majority of band members must be based in the north.
  • About the music you make

  • Your new original piece of music using improvisation

    Your idea must be about a new piece of music that you haven't performed to a live audience before. The music must contain jazz or improvisation.
  • Practicalities

  • Are you available during the daytime in Manchester for the following key dates: - first session in-person // 5th October - jam session in-person // 26th October - sharing session (online) // 26th November
  • Next of kin

  • We want to hear your music

    Please upload a 2-3 minute video of you playing your original music. We don’t need professional videos, we just want to hear your sound.
  • Thank you

    Before you submit your application, we'd like to say thank you for taking the time to share your work with us. We will contact all applicants shortly after the deadline to confirm which artists will participate in the programme. Unfortunately, we do not have capacity to offer feedback to applicants, and we receive far more applications than there are places on the scheme. If you aren't successful this time, please do reapply again next time.