YAB Jam Night – Stage Fright

Read on as YAB member, Ariale Luviluka gives us an insight into the YAB’s first public facing event – Stage Fright! 

“The youth advisory board of mjf are giving themselves a pat on the back. Why? Because our first jam night was a success! Hosted at Contact Theatre on the 28th of February, Stage Fright was a night of music, improvisation, and camaraderie—the epitome of jazz bliss.

With a crowd of friends, family, and music lovers, the night began on a high with Kemani Anderson and friends. They set the atmosphere alight showcasing their incredible talent and melodies. Introducing the wonders of jazz improvisation. This then segued to our audience getting involved. We wanted to create a welcoming environment where newcomers to jamming and improvisation felt comfortable to join in. And join they did. Members of our audience took to the stage, personifying creativity and musical exploration. Accompanied by the band, they transported us to their musical world, filling our hearts as we watched their confidence soar with each note.

“The energy & environment was spectacular!” – Stage Fright attendee 

“A lot of musical play… a brilliant environment to be in; it felt very safe & I felt very able to be open – there was no pressure!” – Stage Fright attendee

What a beautiful reminder of how an inviting environment with encouragement can lead to so much more.

It was a wonderful day with many highlights but a favourite was actually from the workshop beforehand. Our workshop was hosted on the same day in hopes that it could provide more insight into the realm of jamming. The discussion and practical guidance given were so insightful and were a definite highlight of the day.

We, the youth advisory board, want to say thanks to everyone who got involved and helped. We are proud of our very first event and are eagerly awaiting our next. We hope your are too.”

By Ariale Luviluka

(YAB Member) 

Keen to get involved with mjf? Want to know more about the Youth Advisory Board (YAB)? Members will be present at a pop-up stall over our Free Opening Weekender at First Street,  situated nearby the Ask Garden Stage. Please pop over and learn more! Audiences will also have two opportunities to see Kemani Anderson perform at mjf2024 as he will not only take to the Ask Garden Stage with Secret Night Gang but also perform solo at Matt & Phreds.