Along with eight other partner organisations from the Europe Jazz Network, mjf has joined forces to collaborate on a new talent development programme, Constellations, exchanging our artists with others in the international jazz community.

Artists and partners are currently visiting and participating in a development programme or residency in another country, learning about local ecosystems, and joining working groups of musicians, creatives and other music professionals. All artists and partners are also partaking in major jazz networking events such as jazzahead! and the Europe Jazz Conference. In short, Constellations is providing a stepping stone for our talent development artists who are ready to break into international networks. 

Constellations builds on a shared commitment to collaboration and to artists, laying foundations for a more connected and sustainable music scene across Europe. Through this programme, we’ll help to empower and expand the horizons of musicians across the globe. 

International partner organisations and their programmes:

JazzLab / Stepping Stone, Jazz Finland / Nordic Jazz Comets , Association Jazzé Croisé  / Jazz Migration, Stadtgarten Köln / NICA artist development, Synthesizer , I-Jazz / Nuova Generazione Jazz , Powered by TINC / Stepping Stone, Norsk jazzforum / Nordic Jazz Comets, and of course Manchester Jazz Festival (mjf) / hothouse.

Participating artists:

Mattias de Craene, Kaisa Maensivu , Delphine Deau, Pablo Gīw, Ella Ronen , Alessandra Bossa , Frederike Berendsen , Kjetil Mulelid  and Lara Jones.